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Hello, my name is Lucinda Dixon and together with my husband John, we own and operate the exclusive Cabin Livin' Senior Care Home nestled in the hills of Putnam County countryside. We are an excellent choice for an alternative living facility available to the Illinois Valley area.

Cabin Livin' is set apart from other assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. At Cabin Livin' we offer 24 hour care of the highest quality for the most reasonable rate. Each residents' care plan is personalized to meet his or her daily needs and the wishes of the family and physician.

Having over thirty years experience working with the afflicted and the elderly, I am confident you will be at ease in knowing your loved one is receiving the best of care. We are ready to celebrate ten years of service to the public here at Cabin Livin'. During my years as a caregiver in the LaSalle, Bureau, Putnam, Whiteside and Lee counties, I experienced valuable insight I feel is beneficial to our residents and their families. Our staff exudes compassion, love, honor and respect, while treating each and every client with the utmost dignity and personal privacy.

Cabin Livin' offers wildlife viewing from every window, with great relaxing country charm. Our home offers a family room, living room, dining room, library and three private, secured bedrooms. Our kitchen is accessible twenty four hours a day and we encourage interacting with some baking and menu choices.

We are proud of the quality of care this is given to all here at Cabin Livin'. The response from residents, families, physicians and our community has been very positive.

Cabin Livin' is centrally located in the Illinois Valley area with a scenic thirty minute ride from LaSalle/Peru, Princeton and Streator areas. Our central location allows transportation supplied to and from resident's personal physicians.

Outings are included in our seasonal activities. We enjoy visits to parks, zoos, museums, and our favorite fishing hole. There are many four-legged critters living here on the ranch. Our four horses are named Thrasher, Precious, Gracy, and Shelby. Neighboring next to them is our black alpaca, Chang. Relaxing out in nature, we enjoy the cooing of the flock of white doves.

As we gather at the dining table, sharing life stories, we are able to view the bird feeders that host bluebirds, orioles, bunting, finch, and many others, along with turkey and deer throughout the grounds.

There are many wonderful extended Cabin Livin' family members that will give testimony to the wonderful care that was given to them and their loved ones. Many of these kind words can be seen by visiting our Testimonials Page. Additional references will be provided on request.

Please take a moment to view Our Gallery for a quick glimpse into the grounds and going-ons of Cabin Livin' Senior Care!

If you would like additional information regarding our services or schedule a visit, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. We are more then happy to help!

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Lucinda & John Dixon